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2014 GMC Sierra Ad Features Gray Iron Casting

By Sara Timm

GMC recently released a new ad featuring its 2014 GMC Sierra. It has been heavily played during NFL Sunday. In this ad, the performance of the truck's DuraLife brake rotors is compared to the durability of 'high end excavating equipment'. The ad encourages you to buy the truck over its competitors solely on the increased brake rotor wear life.

The ad projects that the truck's brake life is doubled due to a heat treating process called ferritic nitrocarburizing. This is a two-stage process where the raw casting is first stress relieved, followed by machining, and finally the machined rotor is surface heat treated. American Foundry Society describes this type of heat treat a low temperature surface hardening. We'll spare you the details, but if you want to learn more about the science behind it, read more at Heat Treating's Strength, Costs.

We are excited because not only is Waupaca Foundry the cast iron supplier for the front brake rotors on the 2014 GMC Sierra, but also because brake rotors are worthy of a GMC commercial. The grey iron casting is proudly made at our foundry in Etowah, Tennessee.

Would you buy a vehicle based on a single feature alone--or even how a single component was made or enhanced? We're pretty sure a few foundry men and women who had a part in casting this gray iron brake rotor would.